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acunetix website security

test and demonstration site for acunetix web vulnerability scanner


please read carefully

this website is created to demonstrate the abilities of acunetix new product web vulnerability scanner.

it is not intended to be a real online shop. also this website was constructed with common web programming errors so it is buggy.

please do not post any confidential information on this site. do not give any creditcard number or real address, nor e-mail or website addresses.

information you post on this site are by no means private nor protected!

all images on this site were generated with fre software fractal explorer.

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web application security vulnerabilities come from the code your developers write, misconfigured web servers, and software. this test site is to help you understand how hackers are constantly probing websites to discover security holes they can exploit to steal valuable data where even the largest companies make headlines when they've suffered a data breach.